I'm serious. Unfortunately the Leica marketing department did not sell the M6 Titanium correctly -- dooming it to an early death. The meter ought to follow in full stops, but if it doesn't and presuming your lens is well calibrated, you can compute what exposures to use for each reading. So something is definitely up with that package! The frame lines aren't very accurate, so good luck getting accurately framed images. The other thing to know about Leica is that it has rangefinder focusing. The exposure compensation control is backwards: you have to move it down to increase the exposure! I believe older M7s can be updated to the IR-fogging DX design for about $600 and a three-month round trip to Germany. So… when folks complain that Leica’s cost too much, I want to ask them do they, “enjoy working for free?” And then say, “please just enjoy the camera system of your choice and don’t let the fact you (perhaps) cannot easily afford a Leica system make you berate something you have never used – unless you practice some consistency and throw complaints at that guy driving the Ferrari!”. The digital displays suck by comparison, since you can't just eyeball it by how far the needle moves for different light and dark parts of your subject. M7 was designed when Leica was under pressure to into-rice something with higher automation and it did not replace M6, rather, the M7 just compliment the M lines and it is always playing a minor role although M7 is still a beautifully made M camera and very capable. If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. Just like a gun, Leicas mostly work fine without batteries. It's a pain to bang them out. … The analog LEICA M7 is such a classic. If the batteries should die on you, the 2 speeds available is 1/60 and 1/125 of a second. When I first started shooting it, I noticed that this camera is very quiet (again, another plus in my book! Oriental cameras are all about long lists features, even if you don't need them and they get in the way, while the Leicas are all about working well and getting out of the way of great pictures. No mater how well it might correct parallax (it doesn't really), it can't correct for different fields of view at different distances as does the Contax G System. If it went to 39s, the M7 would want to read 45s for the next half-stop. document.write("

leica argentique m7

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